4 Steps to Mastering Mobile

4 Steps to Mastering Mobile

May 11, 2012 8:46 am 3 comments

For a course I took last semester, my final project was to create an informative video explaining why nonprofit organizations would want to use mobile technology, along with some tips and suggestions on how to integrate mobile into an organization’s existing communications plan.

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I identified four major steps to “mastering mobile,” or in other words, four ways in which nonprofit organizations can try to use mobile technology. Those steps are:

  1. Creating a mobile website.
  2. Setting up group texting.
  3. Creating a customized app.
  4. Trying a text-to-give campaign.

To reduce clutter, I rarely cited sources in the video. Please click here to review the Works Cited. I couldn’t have done this without the research of many, many others, and to all of you I thank you.

None of these steps is a magic bullet to a communication problem, and  my research is by no means exhaustive. I am sure I have missed a few points and would love to hear if/how you have used mobile technology in your organization. Have you tried any of these “steps?” Have they worked?

(I also realize I neglected to credit the artist whose music I have used for this video. The music is “Technologic” by Daft Punk.)

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